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Jamaican Blend 16 oz

Jamaican Blend Coffee Beans

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Arabica Coffee Beans
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The Jamaican Blend is a blend of 100% arabica South American and African coffees articulately crafted to mimic the taste of the 80 per-pound Blue Mountain Coffees.

Enjoy the taste of premium coffee on a budget. With a mild smooth-drinking flavour this is an easy cup of medium-strength to enjoy.

There is no option to select your own roast with our blends. This is a blend of different coffee beans each with their own roast and mixed together afterwards to form a blend that enhances the qualities of each bean we use.

Unlike other coffee suppliers with 'blends' we don't over-do our roasts which means your cup will taste like real coffee and not charcoal.

We'll grind this coffee for whatever coffee machine you use - whether you use a french press drip coffee maker aeropress or a stove-top coffee maker.

Getting the grind just right means that the coffee extracts properly giving you all the flavour of this delicious blend without over-extracting or damaging your machine.

Coffee is a highly individual experience - no two people like the same thing. It's important to find out what you like best, and don't be afraid to try something new, you may find a new favorite! We have low minimums and the ability to choose custom roasts on our single origins.

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