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Brazil Green Coffee 1 lb

Brazil Green Coffee 1 lb Coffee Beans

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Varietal: Arabica

1 pound of Brazilian Green Coffee Beans. While these Brazilian beans are grown at a much lower altitude than some of the other high-grown coffees from South America it also means that it has a much lighter acidity and goes down smoother. The port of Santos is where these beans are purchased from and it sourced from various locations throughout the country.
  • Altitude: 900 - 1250 meters above sea level
  • Harvest: May - October
  • Processing: Dry processed Sun Dried
  • Aroma: Slightly Sweet Neutral
  • Flavour: Soft Cup Clean Round Slightly Fruity Aftertaste
  • Body: Full
  • Acidity: Light
This coffee makes a great espresso with lots of crema. Brazil's coffees come primarily from small family-run farms but due to it's long and rich heritage the processing portion of the coffee growing in Brazil is world-class. These beans are dry-processed inside the cherry to impart some of that natural fruit flavour onto the bean.

Coffee is a highly individual experience - no two people like the same thing. It's important to find out what you like best, and don't be afraid to try something new, you may find a new favorite! We have low 1-lb minimums and the ability to choose custom roasts on our single origins.

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